Former and current students 

Maria Chiara Braidotti, Quantum Gravity Simulations in Nonlinear Optics, PhD thesis, 2018

Vittorio Cecconi (2017) Nonlinear Optics

Serena Pagliaroli (2017) Random Lasers

Rade Prizia (2016) Nonlinear optics and random lasers with Graphene

Claudia Battaglioli (2016) Study of Dynamical Indentation for Biomedical Applications

Giulia Marcucci (2016) Nonlinear Waves in the Rigged Hilbert Space

Leone Di Mauro (2016) Quantum Optical Solitons

Carlotta Ciancico (2015) Measurement of Radiation Pressure by Atomic Force Microscopy

Luca La Volpe (2015) Biomimetic Random Lasers

Maria Chiara Braidotti (2014) Quantized Decay Rates of the Reversed Harmonic Oscillator

Marcello Calvanese Strinati (2014) Bose-Einstein Condensation of Photons

Maddalena Daniele (2013) Optical tweezing of neural cells

Nicola Bulso (2013) Nonparaxial Modulational Instability

Federico Belli (2011) Nonlinear optics of X-rays emitted by Free Electron Lasers

Francesco Tani (2010) Laser plasma interactions