Ciao Erasmo

Two days ago, on the 14th of July 2021, one of the most influential professors I met in my career had passed away. Erasmo Recami has been an example of what being a scientist means. Never looking for the scene, but always studying, doing research, and answering by knowledge and writing.

Erasmo has contributed to so many subjects that are difficult to summarize. From the problem of time to the discovery of tachyons, which inspired the research on X-waves in optics and other fields. He started the legend of Majorana by his investigations and his famous books.

I have always appreciated his way of interacting with young scientists, discussing friendly and open-minded on many subjects. How important is confronting expert people for motivated young researchers!

Years ago, in 2008, he participated in a workshop on nonlinear waves I organized in Rome. I still remember him presenting old-school slides in a lamp projector. Those slides were dense with historical references and knowledge. Thanks, Erasmo! I hope to meet many other persons like you in my life.